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I'm working with witnesses who have had sightings, creating sketches of these creatures. The goal is to develop insights into what sasquatch/bigfoot may look like.

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The artwork presented in this website is the copyright of the artist and may not be reproduced without permission.

What I'm doing:

I began this project in 2004.

It is my belief that eye witnesses can provide a tremendous amount of detail about the features of this creature. Since photographic evidence is rare or non-existent, I feel that an artist could create sketches from a detailed description, and this could help researchers and investigators "see" what eye witnesses have seen.

The illustrations depicted here are created during extensive interviews with people who have had close up encounters.

In this website, I'll endeavour to illustrate witness sightings with as much accuracy as I'm able, in order to help form a better knowledge base about these animals. A major focus for this project is to gain a clearer picture of sasquatch facial features.

Working in much the same way that a police sketch artist works, I conduct a series of interviews with a witness who has had a relatively close-up sighting and has seen features that he or she can describe. The illustration process is done by email, phone, or in person with complete confidentiality. A series of sketches are created in this way until the witness feels satisfied that the final depiction is as close as possible to what they saw.

But before any of this can take place, the incident must be investigated by an experienced field researcher to determine if the sighting is reliable.

Many additional hours of documentation are gained from this intensive process. The result is that much more detail about the creature is often uncovered. Reports that I have illustrated, because of the extensive work I must do with the witness, end up as some of the most well researched sasquatch/bigfoot reports in existence.

As this project grows and more information is gained from various regions across North America, perhaps a better understanding of these creatures will emerge.

The artwork presented in this website is the copyright of the artist and may not be reproduced without permission.

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